社区+值 Special Event: Creative Expression & 幸福- - - - - -连接 & 创建社区

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“I create art because somebody may not necessarily listen to the things that I say, but they will listen to a song if they like it…Even if the message in that song is hard,y’ll still listen to it… art is going to make you engage with the message, 不管你同意与否. I think that’s what art does at its best: It brings up the questions for individuals to have to contemplate themselves.”

- Michael Acuña, 又名Acuna黑, 又名生病的7宗罪
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日期/时间: Thursday, April 14, 2022 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm
地点: Community Commons - Room 1700 - Grand Forum Central 

食物 & beverages will be provided along with prize giveaways!

Wellbeing is all-encompassing—it can focus on mental, physical, spiritual, and financial wellness. The 4D experience at DU promotes wellbeing and encourages students to discover who they are, 他们想要的东西, and how to get t在这里 through a more integrated process in meaningful connection to others. One can strengthen and support their wellbeing in a multitude of ways, and one of these ways is ‘creative expression.’ Creative expression can help communicate emotions, 心理健康管理, 工作压力, 提高能源, 还有更多. It moves from the idea of ‘fixing’ yourself and more about ‘being’ your most authentic self.

In this upcoming workshop that is part of the 杜多样性峰会, 社区+值 is excited to bring together a group of phenomenal DU and 丹佛 社区 members who will delve into creative expression through an experiential workshop. 学生将 get the opportunity to discover ways to support and strengthen wellbeing through creative expression through a guided reading, 音乐, 口语, 和艺术创作. Join us in exploring creative expression and learn how to honor your story and shape your wellbeing.

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  • 研讨会议程
    • Introduction to creative expression through an excerpt reading by 欧文Kortz from 破碎的小提琴, a novel about 音乐 和 college transition that fosters discussions on 社区 and belonging, 心理健康, 和创造力.
    • Composed 口语 and 音乐 collaborations featuring Michael Acuña, 又名Acuna黑, 又名生病的7宗罪, 创造性的教育家/艺术家 & 执行主任彼得·斯托尔兹曼 科罗拉多音乐桥
    • 口语车间
    • 车间汇报和分享 杜健康 & 咨询中心 成员,迈克尔J. 心理医生,执行董事 & Chaney做饭, PsyD, Associate Director and Clinical Director of Counseling Services
    • Conclusion and 社区 artwork 共同创造 with 劳伦Hartog, M.A., Assistant to the Director and graduate students of the 维姬·迈伦画廊





创造性的教育家/艺术家 Michael ILL Se7en Acuna

  • 了解病

    Michael Acuna aka ILL Se7en is an artist, 司仪, 诗人和Ted X演讲者, that utilizes creativity to engage change. In 2016 ILL Se7en Co-founded an organization/program called Tribal Xiphers with David Lee and Francisco Garcia. Tribal Xiphers is a rites of passage program for young people that empowers them with knowing their rights, African and Ingenious history as well as 音乐 production, 商务和歌曲写作课程. Michael also facilitates Implicit bias workshops through Breaking barriers 和 Youth outreach program.



DUHCC Associate Director/Clinical Director, 

  • 了解Chaney

    Dr. 库克有个M.Ed. from the University of Oklahoma in Community Counseling and a M.A. 和小组.D. 临床咨询. Dr. Cook serves as the Clinical/Training Director of Counseling Services at the DUHCC. She has over thirty years of experience working with young adults, 夫妻, 家庭和青少年, especially those within college and university settings.

    Dr. Cook was the Director of Counseling and worked on 工作人员 at Regis University for 17 years before coming to DU. In addition, she has maintained a small private practice for over 20 years. Dr. Cook's areas of interest include working with clients who are struggling with issues related to depression, 焦虑, personality disorders and self- harming behaviors. She uses clients’ strengths and a collaborative approach to determine the best course of treatment.


Gallery Manager at Vicki Myhren Gallery

  • 了解劳伦

    Lauren is a curator based in 丹佛 since 2016. She graduated from the School of Art and Art History at the GPK电子 in 2018 with a Masters degree in Art History and Museum studies. In addition to serving as the Gallery Manager of the Davis and Vicki Myhren Galleries at the GPK电子, she co-directs Friend of a Friend Gallery, a curatorial entity and project space, 与当地艺术家德里克·贝拉斯克斯合作. 


Educator/Songwriter/Creativity Coach

  • 了解欧文

    欧文·科尔茨是一位教育家, 作曲家, 和创造力 coach who empowers individuals and organizations toward innovation and well-being. He has partnered with clients who have gone on achieve Grammy-nominated success, businesses to launch forward-thinking arts initiatives, and schools to found nationally recognized 项目.

    Owen has been on 教师 at the University of Colorado 丹佛 for the last 14 years, w在这里 he co-founded and directs the Singer/Songwriter Program 和 LYNX National Arts & 媒体营. In 2021, 欧文出版了他的第一部小说, 破碎的小提琴, which explores the cross-section of creativity and well-being.



Executive Director of Health and Counseling, GPK电子

  • 了解迈克尔

    Dr. LaFarr is a clinical psychologist by training with a particular interest in public health. His professional Interests include : Health care disparity & 访问, 健康与保健, 大学生心理健康, 学习上的差异, 悲伤辅导, 天赋, 心理动力学治疗, 性治疗, non-majority性取向 & 变性人的心理健康.

    Dr. LaFarr's prior professional experiences include: Executive Director of Health and Wellness at Brandeis University; Director of Student Affairs at the Harvard School of Public Health; Peace Corps of the United States, 在马里, 西非.



Executive Director, 科罗拉多音乐桥

  • 了解彼得

    As the son of Grammy-winning clarinetist, 理查德Stoltzman, 著名小提琴家和教育家, 露西查普曼, Peter John Stoltzman naturally grew into a career as both a performer and teacher. Stoltzman has performed and recorded with jazz luminaries such as Steve Gadd, 埃迪·戈麦斯, Allison米勒, Tia富勒, 和许多更多. He has worked at the highest levels of the industry in virtually every style, from recording contemporary classical 音乐 to headlining jazz festivals, 在华纳兄弟制作嘻哈歌曲.,并陪伴词曲作者. In 2020, 彼得创建了科罗拉多音乐桥, a nonprofit dedicated to modern 音乐 education and mentorship. He has a doctorate in Music and Human Learning from UT Austin, and has been teaching in Colorado since 2012. Peter’s purpose is to be an 访问 broker—building inclusive structures that support 音乐ians in their careers and spread the joy of teaching, 学习, 和创作音乐.